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Protecting your timber from water damage


Hydrobar® Woodbead is a single-pack, waterborne impregnating water repellent for exterior softwood joinery.

Once completely cured, the product has high water-shedding properties and a long-lasting, pronounced beading effect.

Suitable for application to bare softwoods and hardwoods(*).

Laboratory testing has shown marked reduced levels of water uptake, even after 4000hrs QUV (approximately 10+ years). Noticeable beading on field trial product, even after 17 years exposure in an Alpine environment. (*)The life expectancy on less porous hardwoods may be reduced)


Imparts water and dirt resistance to exterior timber joinery, including cladding, sheds, fences, noise barriers, decking and seats. Woodbead protects timber from moisture but allows the joinery to age naturally. Woodbead contains no fungicides or UV controlling pigments but will inhibit organic growth through its water repellent properties.

Improves the life expectancy of timber species vulnerable to decay, such as pine and lower grade softwoods.

Woodbead can be used with the ACS Timber Treat (see separate data sheet) if control of sapstain and wood decay fungi is required. Apply the Timber Treat one to two days prior to application of the Woodbead to allow time for it to be adsorbed by the timber and begin its work

After application, Woodbead leaves little or no visible signs of application, except areas treated with

Woodbead will not darken when wet.


Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free of oil, grease and loose or flaking material such as bark. Remove all organic growth such as mosses, lichens, moulds and fungi. The glossy surface of prepared timber (PAR) should be lightly abraded with wire wool or medium grade Aluminium Oxide paper to reduce surface tension and increase porosity. Old, ‘silvered’ timber should be rubbed-down to remove degraded material to expose new wood. Mask off any glazing and cover plants. If spraying, do not allow spray-drift to come into contact with sensitive surfaces, such a vehicles.


A single-pack, ready-to-use aqueous solution, of functional silicone resin.


Does not significantly alter the essential colour and tone once dry.


Colour: Milky white (dries clear)

Touch dry @ 20°C: 1-2 hours

Surface dry @ 20°C: 2-3 hours

Shower proof @ 20°C: After approximately 24 hours depending on drying conditions

Full Protection: Up to 4 weeks after application

Clean up: Water. Remove as much material from application equipment as possible prior to cleaning

Shelf-life: Approximately 12 months in unopened containers

Theoretical Coverage: 4-8m2/litre depending on porosity of timber


Woodbead is suitable for application to bare timber. Any paints, stains or varnish must be completely removed prior to application.

Product may settle during storage and transport, so shake the contents before and periodically during use. Apply by brush, deep, pile roller or conventional garden sprayer. Apply an initial coat, starting from the top of the substrate to be treated, working down the surface and allowing excess liquid to run down. Once the whole surface has been treated, but before the initial coat has dried, apply a second coat (so called wet-onwet application). Once completely dry, further applications may not be adsorbed.

For all technical and safety data sheets please see the downloads section at bottom of page.

ACS Hydrobar Woodbead TDS

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