ACS Ecobor 40 Gel ( Call to order )

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  • ACS Ecobor 40 Gel ( Call to order )

Injectable 40% Boron gel

Ecobor 40 is a ready for use wood preservative paste containing Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate (DOT) and Benzalkonium chloride in a special blend of glycols.

Ecobor 40 is a patented product in the United Kingdom


• Wide spectrum of activity against decay fungi and insects

• Major importance as an implanted preservative in predrilled holes in embedded timbers and as integral part of any joist end protection when used in conjunction with Boron Rods.

• Mobile preservative, where distribution is independent of moisture content

• Low VOC (Volatile Organic Content)

• Practically odourless and non-staining

• Non flammable

• Suitable for joinery, roof and floor timbers


1. Inspect the timbers to ensure that they do not exhibit too much decay and are suitable for treatment. Pay particular attention in situations where the timbers are concealed or embedded.

2. Determine the dimensions of the timber and drill a configuration pattern of 10 – 12mm diameter holes. The configuration pattern should reflect the distribution and the required loadings of the boron preservative (target level of 4-6 Kg product/m3)

3. For general guidance holes should be drilled at 125mm centres along the grain and at 50mm centres across the grain. The end grains of timber should be protected by a triangular configuration of holes.

N.B. Assistance and guidance on determining the configuration pattern in any timber is freely available.

4. Holes should be drilled within 10 – 20mm of the back face of the timber. Do not drill through the timber.

5. Ensure the holes are clean and free from all wood debris.


1. Apply the Ecobor 40 using a large (400cc) mastic gun.

2. Use an extended nozzle on the cartridge where the depth of the hole exceeds 50mm.

3. Inject the Ecobor 40 to fill the holes. When used in conjunction with Boron Rods the holes should be partly filled with Ecobor 40 followed by Boron Rods as required and then complete filling the hole with Ecobor 40.

4. Leave an adequate head space at the top of the hole.

5. The holes should be plugged using wood dowels or other suitable plugs.


400cc cartridges


The product is registered under the HSE COPR 1986 Regulations for use as directed (HSE No. 6133). Refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the product. Keep away from children.


Ecobor 40 Gel Technical Data Sheet
Ecobor 40 Safety Data Sheet

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