Welcome to flaming June!!

Welcome to flaming June!!

Posted By: Simon Published: 12/06/2017 Times Read: 1579 Comments: 0

October has come early to the UK and brought with it torrential rain and thunderstorms, saturating the ground and the walls of your building. Not so much of a problem in summer, but in winter it can lead to cold walls, increasing heat loss and frost damage. Now is the time to think about adding the protection of a water repellent to your property.

Hydrobar MWR 400 is a concentrated water repellent, specifically designed for application to all exterior masonry surfaces. It keeps your walls dry, reducing heat loss and minimizing frost damage. And as it’s supplied as a concentrate, you can make as much or as little as you need!

Don’t wait until the real winter arrives. Applying Hydrobar MWR400 now means you’ll be protected when winter really does arrive……….in August. 

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