UniBlue: Non-Toxic Universal Disinfection

UniBlue: Non-Toxic Universal Disinfection

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ACS are lucky to now have in stock the brilliant UniBlue, but why should you buy it?

Find out everything you need to know about UniBlue here.


What is UniBlue?


UniBlue is a non-toxic universal disinfectant that can be used for all cleaning and disinfection. It has a powerful formula which kills all viruses and bacteria.

Not only that, but UniBlue is one of the most environmentally friendly products in the world, which is quite a claim.

It is said to be ‘safe for your skin, safe for your family, safe for your pets and safe for your future’.

How Does UniBlue Work?


UniBlue non-toxic universal disinfectant is created by a combination of non-harmful ingredients such as biocides and co-formulants which simultaneously work together as a two-pronged attack towards different pathogens.


What’s brilliant about UniBlue is that the pathogens that it attacks cannot build up resistance, making the disinfectant effective every time!


So, what are these ingredients that make UniBlue so great?


Ingredients of UniBlue


UniBlue contains a multitude of ingredients that work together to create an effective disinfectant.


Bio-acids such as lactic and tartaric acids are all organic carboxylic acids that launch a different attack on each pathogen.


Some acids are more suited to kill different types of pathogens. For example, Tartaric acid is much better suited to killing yeast and fungal than spores.


Essential oils are also amongst the key ingredients that makes UniBlue so efficient at ridding pathogens. Lavender and peppermint can both be found in UniBlue. They are used to reduce surface tension as to penetrate the cells walls. When the essential oils bypass the cell wall, the oil becomes a powerhouse of up to 60 antimicrobial compounds such as terpenes, alcohols and terpenoids.

These work as part of the disinfection process by disrupting the enzyme activity within the pathogenic cell.


And finally, co-formulants. Co- formulants are necessary amongst the mix as they enhance the up-take and efficacy of the biocides, without reducing the efficacy. Essentially, the co-formulants role is to the support the Biocides that attack.



What Can UniBlue be Used for?


UniBlue can be used on so many surfaces and items it is astounding (and very useful!)

There are two methods for using UniBlue, and it is only a matter of preference which one you choose. Either use in a spray bottle like any other antibacterial spray or apply with a cloth.

If you want deeper cleaning action, then leave UniBlue on the surface of your choice for 2-3 minutes before wiping. 

This incredible multipurpose cleaner can be used on tables, work surfaces, food preparation equipment and surface; Non washable control panels, medical equipment such as thermometers and stethoscopes, and even for removing odours from difficult clothes like surfing wetsuits!



UniBlue Approaches Different Germs Easily


The reason UniBlue is such an amazing product is because of its distinct ability to treat all kinds of pathogens, with the incredible offer of being unharmful to people, animals, and the environment. 


Uniblue treats bacteria, viruses, yeast, mycobacteria, fungi and spores. Between these pathogens, UniBlue works by encasing acid receptive pathogens with acids and sends co-formulant to the stubborn pathogens to support the acids infiltration.



What are the Benefits of UniBlue?


UniBlue has many benefits, from being safe to transport and being non-corrosive, to safe to use on skin and highly efficient at removing pathogens.


One of the most impressive benefits of UniBlue is that it can be used in all environments, even by the patients themselves!


Not only that, but UniBlues patented technology means that the pathogens and germs you treat will never build up a resistance to it, making it forever affective for all of your cleaning needs!


Here at ACS we only stock the best products to suit your needs, from cleaning and disinfecting, to mould prevention paint; Just browse our store! We’re very happy to have UniBlue in our hands. When you’ve tried it, let us know what you think!  


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