A Guide to Teak Deck Preservation

A Guide to Teak Deck Preservation

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Taking care of wood in all seasons is really important, as weather and general wear and tear can cause great damage. Teak is an excellent choice of wood for outdoor furniture or decking and is most commonly used on boats due to its ability to remain anti-slip, even in adverse weather conditions. While teak is an extremely durable wood, and fortunately requires little care or maintenance, there are still some ways in which we can ensure its durability. We at ACS are here to cover the ‘little maintenance’ part. 

What Colour Should the Wood Be? 

Teak wood usually comes in a honey golden colour, and some people really like to keep their teak deck its original colour and oiled, however, for the people who love the silvery aged look to their decking, ACS Boracol 5Rh Teak deck treatment helps to achieve this silvery hue! On top of the teak wood finely aging, the reason the Boracol aids this silver transformation is because it has a mild bleaching effect when brushed on the timber.

Some people like to use oil on their teak decking, but we don’t recommend this as the oil can attract dirt and make the decking look patchy as the oil dries out. 

It is a good idea to clean your teak deck before you use ACS Boracol 5Rh Teak deck treatment. When you clean your teak deck, do not use anything abrasive such as hard brushes, pressure washers, or acid washes. The deck should only be cleaned with gentle cleansers or soap, which will clean off any dust, debris or dirt. Also, make sure to wash against the grain to preserve the structure of the teak wood. Anything too abrasive can weaken the wood and will be too harsh on the wood fibres. 


What Condition is the Wood?

Because of teaks outstanding durability, it requires little maintenance, however, naturally, the decking on the outside will be exposed to weather elements. If you’re preserving your boat teak decking, the likelihood is that it will be exposed to the elements much more often. This means it could be very prone to algae and mould and exposed to other elements of the sea.

Boracol is brilliant for preventing moulds and algae growing on natural teak wood. It can also be used to clean and treat old and new decks that are covered in algae and black mould spots.


How to Keep Your Teak Decking Grime Free

After cleaning your decking, it’s now time to for preventative measures it. Our ACS Boracol 5Rh Teak deck treatment is the perfect deck treatment to keep your decking clean after all the hard work! First it will remove any stubborn algae or mould that may have accumulated on your teak decking, and then it will restore your decking back to sparkling condition. 

1. To use this, wash to remove all dirt and coatings gently. 

2. Allow the surface to dry out until only just damp.

3. Apply one coat of Boracol, by brush or spray, to refusal (that is, visibly wet on the surface, but not running off). 

4. Allow the surface to dry out until just damp again.

5. Apply a second coat of Boracol to refusal.

Use a normal paint brush or a flat-shaped sprayer and paint the deck with Boracol and make sure to do it on a dry day! You can find out more about using this here. 

We hope this has enlightened you on how to take care of your teak wood decking, all year round. For more information on taking care of your wood property, have a look at our whole range of wood preservation products! 


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