Summer discount starts now

Summer discount starts now

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We all love to be out in the garden in the summer. So here at ACS we have chosen three top exterior products to discount that will help protect your home and gardens. Use this coupon code SUMMER at checkout to receive 10% of any of these products until 31st of July 2017.

ACS TIMBER TREAT is a new generation wood preservative for pre-treatment of non-resistant timber. The product is based on modified vegetable oil, and contains two highly effective active biocides, designed to protect timber against sap stain fungi and a wide range of wood destroying fungi. 

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ACS Masonry Water Repellent (MWR) 400 is a concentrated water repellent based on a special blend of UV resistant Silane and Siloxane resins. The excellent water proofing properties make it an perfect product for use over most masonry substrates including brick , concrete, sandstone, sand-lime bricks as well as alkaline surfaces such as new pointing and render.  Ideal if spray application is needed.

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ACS DEFENCE is a clear fire retardant impregnation liquid for protecting timber and timber related substrates. ASC Defence will give you class 1 protection to UK building regulations. This product is really designed to give you peace of mind protection that your sheds , fences and all garden timber is fire protected

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