Student digs

Student digs

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During the summer break is the ideal time to give your properties a bit of refurbishment. A year of wear and tear from students enjoying living away from home for the first time can be costly to the landlords.

Here at ACS Limited we have a range of products the can help landlords protect their properties.

Mould Wash Concentrate

Supplied as a concentrate our Mould Wash once diluted gives you a powerful fungicide that can be used to clean and protect black mould affected areas. Ideal for cleaning window frames, bathroom and shower areas, anywhere mould spots have grown.

Anti Mould Paint

ACS Anti Mould Paint has been tried and tested over twenty years in the industry used by professional decorators and housing associations across the country. This is an HSE approved paint which means it will work. The painted surface will be protected from mould growth for well over 5 years. It provides and washable surface and comes in a range of colours, so you can add a bit of colour to your property.

Anti Condensation Paint

ACS Anti Condensation paint is designed to handle the worst condensation conditions. We recommend this when there is a serious problem. Our paint has a double function. It works as a thermal barrier helping raise the temperature of a cold surface. It also has special earth minerals in the paint the absorb moisture when the humidity gets too high. This stops droplets forming then slowly releases the moisture once the humidity drops back.

Fire Retardants and Intumescent Coatings

If your property is subject to new fire regulations, then we can help. We have an experienced team that know all the ins and outs of the building control fire regs. Whether it’s upgrading doors or fire protecting timbers give are expert a call. 

Boracol 5Rh

Does your property suffer from unsightly algae and mould growth? Algae can grow on most surfaces, from walls to fences and patio’s. Boracol 5Rh is an approved HSE pesticide that will kill algae and mould and stop them re-growing for a considerable time. 

Murfill Masonry Paint

If your looking to paint the outside of the property, then we recommend Murfill. This is an amazing masonry paint. It is a flexible elastic paint that covers small cracks in the masonry. It then can move with the surface without cracking, flaking or peeling. Murfill may cost more than cheaper alternatives by the long-lasting quality finish and performance we out last these cheaper paints.

For more information and trade prices for landlords and business owners please contact us on 01935 414012 or email us at


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