Rust-oleum Murfill

Rust-oleum Murfill

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As the summer apparently is on the way, now is the time to think about giving your house a fresh look. Rust-oleum have a fantastic product called Murfill Waterproofing Coating.

Murfill is a high performance elastic waterproof coating. The coating is 100% waterproof and offers 400% elasticity. This means the paint can fill and cover small cracks on the surface of the render or stonework. It then moves with the surface and being so elastic the paint will not crack.

The Murfill can be applied by brush, roller or by an airless sprayer. The average coverage rate is about 3.3sqm per litre depending on substrate and thickness applied

If you have an old wall that has a few small cracks, then the Rust-oleum Murfill is the paint for you. We also stock a fleece and a filler that can be used to bridge larger active cracks before the coat of Murfill is used.

Murfill comes in a good range of colours. We can also tint light colours from the white base colour so if you fancy a different pastel shade for your house give us a call or pop down to see us. Murfill and all the Rust-oleum products are available to see on the Rust-oleum website . You will find us on there as a local Somerset distributor.


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