6 Things You Need to Refurbish Your Home's Exterior

6 Things You Need to Refurbish Your Home's Exterior

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Summer’s here and there isn’t a better time to refurbish your home.  Depending on whether you want to give your house a little spruce up on the outside or if you want a full exterior revamp, the items you need to make your visions happen will vary. In this piece, we will focus on refurbishing your timber and how you can take care of your new bits and pieces!



A Hard Bristle Brush

So, you’ve got some garden furniture that is now home to cobwebs, dust and debris. The first step to getting the furniture prepared for refurbishing is to give it all a brush down. A hard bristle brush is the best tool to do this with, as it will be thorough but won’t damage the wood.



Abrasive Pads

Get yourself some abrasive pads which can help with a multitude of things. Using an abrasive pad to remove the top layer of the garden furniture will give it a clean, even base to treat in whichever way you want.

Wood Treatment

There are plenty of options when it comes to treating your garden furniture after, and what you choose will depend on the look you prefer. There are options to buff in a colour to restore the wood to its original sheen if you prefer the “new furniture” look. There are oils to protect the wood and its condition, and there are also wood treatments that act as a primer. They work to keep your wood healthy and prepped, making it receptive to a wide range of top coats after. ACS timber treat is a fantastic option to treat wood fungi that may have accumulated and protect it from further fungi issues. It is also moisture regulating and penetrates deep into the wood which then acts as the perfect adhesive for any top coats you would like to use.



Pressure Washer

The fastest way to get up dirt, grime and stains outside is a pressure washer. You can use them on almost anything including your patio floor and fences.


If you are lucky owners of a fence, you will know its appearance can make or break the over-all look of your home’s exterior. Assess your fence and work out it’s limitations. It is common to use a pressure washer to clean fences, but if you think your fence won’t stand up to it, a bit of elbow grease and your abrasive pad would work very well too. The ACS timber treat would be the next step to keep your fence in tip top condition.




Masonry Paints

If you’re feeling like a transformative challenge, then masonry paint might be your best friend.  It works by providing a high performing, elastic waterproof coating to keep your masonry protected. Choose from nine neutral colours to give your exterior a pop of colour, whist keeping it shielded from harsh weather conditions. We recommend Murfill Waterproofing Coating, which comes with a 10 year guarantee and has an approval to use on lighthouses!

New Garden Products

 Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. Refurbishing your home’s exterior can mean a new look, and a new look can mean new additions to the garden!

Maybe the weather is inviting you to purchase that swinging seat, or encouraging you to eat in the garden more. Whatever you decide to buy, the best thing to do is to keep it protected from day one!


Treating wood will always be encouraged to keep it in great condition, and as the weather changes, your new garden accessories will be more prone to wear and tear. There are many treatments depending on what you want to achieve, but it’s also important to note that there are waterproof treatments available too. HydroBar Wood Bead is a waterborne impregnating water repellent for exterior softwood joinery. Once completely cured, the product has high water-shedding properties keeping your new garden wood fresh and safe.

Here at ACS, we have plenty of wood preservation products to help you keep your refurbished exterior looking just as you leave it!




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