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For many years, over-cladding masonry buildings with timber has been seen as an economical way of improving both the appearance of buildings and increasing their thermal insulation.

The choice of species and their ease of use makes timber cladding an ideal choice for upgrading tired and weather-worn masonry. It can change the aesthetic from brutal to gentle or vice-versa. The versatility of timber means cladding and cladding panels can be constructed off-site or in-situ. It’s also flexible enough to cope with variations and imperfections in the underlying substrate. TRADA Wood Information Sheet WIS 1-50 gives excellent details on the use of timber cladding in building refurbishment.

Wood provides an excellent rain-screen, but over time it will naturally allow moisture to penetrate into the cavity. Traditionally coatings, such as varnish or wood-stains, such as Sadolin or Sikkens are applied to increase the weather resistance of timber, but inevitably, these will alter the appearance and will require periodic re-application to maintain the protection. Now there is an alternative.

ACS Hydrobar Woodbead is a waterborne, water repellent siloxane emulsion, specifically formulated for application to wood. It’s not a derivative of masonry water repellents, which give limited protection when applied to wood. Woodbead combines ease of application (brush, roller or simple garden sprayer), with high durability, providing weather resistance for 10 years or more. Once dry, the product leaves little or no signs of application and allows timber to breathe and weather naturally.

The extra protection Woodbead affords also allows slightly less durable and more sustainable timber to be used in some situations. And if timber decay is a concern, an initial application of ACS Timber Treat will provide protection.

ACS Hydrobar Woodbead is the perfect choice for architects and specifiers and cladding manufacturers.

Most timber species will benefit from the use of ACS Hydrobar Woodbead, including Accoya and Thermowood.

Download the data sheet at or call 01935-414012 for more information.


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