How to Prepare Your Home for Wet Weather

How to Prepare Your Home for Wet Weather

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The weather in the UK is renowned for being unpredictable, and regardless of the season, we can always expect a downpour! Come summer or winter; it’s likely that we’ll get a shower or two. Before the rain comes down, it’s a good idea to prepare your home for the wet weather. There are a few simple checks and updates which can be carried out to ensure it remains in top condition and is protected from the elements.


Clear Your Gutters

During wet weather, gutting redirects any rainfall away from your home. As the raindrops hit your roof, it slopes down and is collected; therefore limiting the volume of water seeping into the walls or foundations of the building. By regularly checking your gutting for any blockages and clearing obstructions such as leaf mulch or moss, you will ensure optimum function. To limit any build up in the future, you can cover the gutters with wire mesh. It is advised that you also check for any damage, such as cracks or holes and replace when necessary.


Treat Wooden Doors and Window Frames

To both maintain and protect any wooden doors or window frames, it is vital that you regularly treat these areas. Without this protection, water can seep into the grain, and if left exposed to the elements, can result in rot. Remove any existing paint on the wood by sanding back to the sound surface, then apply your treatment with a brush or roller.


Seal Windows and Doors

Ensuring your windows and doors are properly sealed will not only prevent water from coming in, but it will also help to keep your home warm. Check that each can properly close and then inspect for any gaps where air or water could enter. 


Check Your Roof

During harsh weather, it’s often the roof that takes the brunt of the elements. Regularly checking for any weak spots and repairing the damage will promote its longevity and help protect your home from the rain.

-       Check the attic and inspect for any signs of damage; this could be sunlight seeping through, water patches or rot.

-       Inspect the roof tiles. Are there any which have slipped, are cracked or appear to be loose?

-       Remove moss and debris, and clean the area if required.


When carrying out roof inspections, your safety should always come first. Ensure you have the correct equipment and are comfortable completing the work. If in doubt, contact a professional.


Inspect Outdoor Buildings

Garden sheds and sunrooms often get overlooked when the wet weather sets in. If your outdoor buildings house any important equipment or it is a space that you would like to maintain, check for areas where the wet weather could cause damage to avoid future disappointment. Apply a waterproofing treatment and ensure that the roof is leak-free.

Wet Weather Proof Your Decking

One of the most common causes for needing to replace decking is the damage caused by exposure to water. To protect and promote its lifespan, decking maintenance is key. We have a selection of wood preservatives which will treat decay, as well as prevent further damage. The range includes those which repel the water and those which preserve. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss with our team which products are most suitable for your decking.


Masonry and Brickwork

Water can penetrate brickwork and masonry and cause damage to your home. Cracks and faults in the mortar or the bricks are areas where the water can seep in, and in the worse case, this can affect the structural integrity of the building. Inspect your home for any areas where the water may collect, or driving rain could enter; this could be cracks or loose and crumbling mortar.


Clear the Surrounding Area

Wet weather often comes with strong winds and to protect your home further from the elements, you must remove any potential hazards. Clearing large trees or branches and removing any other debris within 10 meters of your property will reduce the risk during a storm. 



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