How to Permanently Remove Mould on Walls

How to Permanently Remove Mould on Walls

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Mould is up there with one of the worst things to happen to walls in the home, and no home is safe. Not only is mould unsightly, but it’s also bad for your health, can affect your timber structures, and its ability to spread fast is unrivalled.



Whether your home is a new build or a much older property, mould can affect both, with new builds being more susceptible to becoming a victim. This is because new buildings tend to have tighter seals around windows and doors, which also acts as the perfect catcher of humidity. Humid places are ideal for mould to start up its new home. Older buildings are much more drafty, which keeps humidity to a minimum; however, they are still very much at risk.



What Are the Signs of Mould?

The most obvious sign of mould is splotches of colour such as green, orange or even black. The mould can also appear furry or fluffy. However, these aren’t the only signs of mould. Other markers to look out for include peeling or cracked paint, discolouration on the walls, and also a damp, musty smell.





Where Are the Most Common Places to Find Mould?


Mould can occur anywhere where the conditions are right. When water vapour in the air meets a cold surface, it turns the vapour into liquid.

Anywhere humid is at risk, so places like basements and exterior walls are vulnerable. Also, bathrooms or rooms where laundry is done are an easy target for mould.



What You Will Need to Remove Mould

Preparation to remove mould is essential as there are a lot of protective aspects to consider. Try and get the room in which the mould has begun to grow as ventilated as possible. This isn’t just for the products you choose to use to get rid of the mould, but also because being around mould in an enclosed space can risk your health.

Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything it comes into contact with. You will need to wear old clothes, and preferably long-sleeved tops and trousers to protect your skin. Gloves are also a must! Latex or rubber gloves help prevent absorption of products, just make sure to take them off and discard them immediately to prevent spreading mould spores anywhere else. Your old clothes can also hold onto spore escapees, so be sure to put them on the hottest wash when you are finished.

When preparation is done, to remove the mould, we recommend our ACS mould control pack, which includes quality mould wash concentrate.



Preventing Mould

After you have finished washing the mould away, it’s time to prevent it from ever coming back! This is where our anti-mould paint may be of help!

As one simple step to keep your walls spic and span, we recommended a paint with build-in anti-mould technology. Our anti-mould paint is high-quality paint infused in antifungal biocides, which work to protect and strengthen your walls against even the dampest of situations. As for colours, our anti-mould paint range comes in 14 colours, so there will surely be one to suit your needs.


If you do need a colour we don’t offer, in the mould control pack comes 2 x 50 ml ACS Mould Eradication Additive. This is great to add to a paint of your choice and is also suitable to be added to wallpaper paste, tile grout, acrylic paints and coatings, depending on your requirements!



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