ACS Universal Primer / Stain Blocker

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  • ACS Universal Primer / Stain Blocker

Blocks black mould stains

A single pack, waterborne, fast drying isolating primer for multi-surface application. Covers and effectively seals waterstains, crayon, soot, mould and other stains liable to bleed into decorative topcoats. Ideal for use on heavy mould stained surfaces , after cleaning with Mould Wash Concentrate and prior to the application of ACS Antimould Emulsion.

Universal Antistain Primer is also great for use on low energy surfaces such as plastics, PVC, melamine, glazed tiles zinc, aluminium, galvanized steel and others , both inside and out. Once fully dry Universal Antistain Primer can be over-painted with most conventional decorative and industrial coatings, both water and solvent based

Universal Stain Primer Technical Data Sheet

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