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Stops brick dusting and seals masonry

ACS SBR is a highly advanced polymer latex emulsion designed as an admixture and adhesive for cement mortars. It is a combined waterproofer, adhesive and plasticiser which enables cement mortars to be laid in thin, jointless sections. ACS SBR reduces water permeability, provides additional chemical resistance as well as increasing flexibility and strength.

The use of ACS SBR improves the adhesion and cohesion of a mix resulting in easier application, compaction and finishing with minimal segregation and bleeding. These improved characteristics of cement mixes are retained in wet conditions, consequently the material is particularly recommended in mixes where water resistance is required.

The superb adhesive qualities of ACS SBR enables superimposed toppings to be bonded ‘monolithically’ onto existing concrete, without the necessity of ‘hacking’ or ‘scabbing’, providing any weak laitence is removed. By incorporating ACS SBR in cement mortar, the many varied applications can be increased to include bedding kerbs, coping stones, mosaics, tiles, making good structural concrete over bare steel reinforcements When ACS SBR is incorporated in the mix, the water/cement ratio must be reduced, resulting in a reduction of drying shrinkage.


Providing water-resistant renderings and linings for basements, swimming pools and other water retaining structures.
Bedding kerbs, coping stones, mosaics and tiles. Bonding screeds to concrete and render to concrete.
Patching damaged screeds and concrete prone to heavy traffic. Floor screeds incorporating ACS SBR possess increased strengths and chemical resistance with minimal dusting. Heavy duty floorings, such as granolithic, can be bonded perfectly to cured concrete.

Cement mortars based upon ACS SBR can be used for making good structural concrete where steel reinforcement is exposed.

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