Hydrobar Masonry Water Repellent

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  • Hydrobar Masonry Water Repellent

Protect your masonry from water damage

Hydrobar Masonry Water Repellent (MWR)  is a ready to use colourless water repellent based on a special blend of UV resistant Silane and Siloxane resins. The excellent water shedding properties  make it an ideal product for use over most masonry substrates including brick , concrete, sandstone, sand-lime bricks as well as alkaline surfaces such as new pointing and render (after about fourteen days).

The benefits are:

High alkaline resistance

Excellent surface penetration

Rapid development of water repellent effect

Water vapour permeable

Colourless and does not alter surface appearance

Dries to a tack-free UV resistant finish

Hydrobar MWR  will reduce water absorption whilst maintaining the appearance of the treated area since it does not block or impair the capillaries thus maintaining the water vapour permeability of the substrate. The effective reduction in moisture absorption will prolong the service life of the substrate by reducing damage caused by water such as:-


Frost damage and Spalling    

Salts Efflorescence  

Organic (Biological) Growth

Chemical Corrosion               

Atmospheric Pollution


 Nearly 80% of all damage to masonry is caused in some way by water ingress.

Coverage rates will depend on the substrate ranging from 0.5 to 2.0 litres per sq m. 

You will receive a data sheet with all preparation and application details.

Check out the video below to see MWR in action


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