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  • HYDROBAR Roof Coat

A single-pack, ready-to-use, solvent-borne roof coating exhibiting excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. When fully cured the product is extremely elastic, waterproof and unaffected by UV or atmospheric pollution. Impervious to rain immediately after application.


Use as a protective and waterproof coating on flat or pitched roofs, weathered asphalt, and bituminous surfaces, gutters, concrete, brickwork, fibreglass, felt and metal (galvanized and ferrous). Fibrous cement sheet will require two coats of Hydrobar Roof Primer prior to application. 

Solvent-borne resin system with UV controlling pigments.

Colour: Grey, Black & White (solar reflective) Finish: Satin (gloss 60°: +- 8%) Specific Gravity: 1.49 – 1.55g/cm3 Volume Solids: 57% – 60% Recommended Film Thickness: WFT – 1000microns   DFT – 600microns Theoretical Coverage Rate: 1.0 – 2.0kg/m2 - depending on porosity and   surface profile  2.5-3.0kg/m2 for roofs with a slope <5% Flash Point: 35°C VOC: 450g/l Drying Times @ 20°C: Touch: 2 Hours Hard: 6 Hours Re-Coat: 24 Hours Thinners/Clean-Up: White Spirit Shelf-Life: 2 years in un-opened containers

Fibrous Cement Sheet and friable surfaces Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free of oil, grease and loose or flaking material. Mechanically remove organic growth such as mosses, lichens and fungi and treat the surface with Boracol Masonry Biocide (see separate data sheet). Remove any spalled material and repair cracks with ACS Bridging Fleece (see separate specification). Prime the surface with 1 (one) or 2 (two) coats of Hydrobar Roof Primer and allow to dry. 

 Bituminous Roofing Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free of loose chippings and organic growth. Felt should be well bonded to the substrate. Two coats may be required if bitumen bleeds through the first coat.
Galvanized sheet, non-ferrous metal, aluminium and previously painted metal surfaces Degrease the surface and lightly abrade to provide a key. Remove any loose of flaking paint, corrosion and organic growth.

(all substrates) After preparation, apply 1 (one) or 2 (two) coats of Hydrobar Roofcoat by brush, deep pile roller or airless spray (nozzle 18-23 @ 220 bar). 2 coats may be required on new bituminous surfaces to prevent the bitumen bleeding through the first coat and spoiling the appearance.  
PACK SIZES  5.0kg pails.

Store in dry, cool, frost-free conditions out of direct sunlight.

Do not apply if there is a likelihood of rain, snow or frost, if the relative humidity is above 80% or if the temperature falls below 5°C, before the coating has fully cured. This product is not recommended for application to Plastisol, flexible PVC sheet, interior surfaces or timber. Ensure an asbestos survey is carried out prior to working with older corrugated mineral sheets, unless the composition is known. We recommend carrying out a trial application to ensure compatibility with the substrate, prior to main coat application. Consult LRWA code of practice “Specification and use of liquid applied waterproofing systems” on www.lrwa.org.uk prior to application

Hydrobar Roof Coat TDS

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