ACS S105/SPC Intumescent Paint For Plasterboard

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  • ACS S105/SPC Intumescent Paint For Plasterboard

Intumescent for plasterboard

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A single-pack, waterborne, microporous intumescent emulsion coating for application to skimmed plasterboard.


Intumescent coating for upgrading skimmed 9 and 12.5mm plasterboard on walls and ceilings to give up to 60 minutes resistance to fire.

 PERFORMANCE (To BS 476: Parts 21 & 22: 1987) Ceilings: 12.5mm skimmed plasterboard – insulation & integrity 61 minutes (RF 95003) Walls: 9.0mm skimmed plasterboard – insulation & integrity 71 minutes (LPL 159) Indicative test on lath and plaster – 62 minutes (Warrington Fire WF 165499)


PERFORMANCE REF: TRADA RF95003 Fire resistance test performed on a 4m x 3m loaded ceiling/floor section constructed from 47mm wide x 195mm deep SC3 softwood joists laid at 400mm centres with full height noggins at mid-span. The unexposed face was covered with 22mm thick V313 tongue and grooved chipboard decking fixed with 60mm long annular ring shank nails at 300mm centres. The exposed (furnace side) face was covered with 12.5mm Gyproc wallboard fixed along the long edged on 47mm x 47mm intermediate supports with 40mm galvanized clout nails at 150mm centres. Joints were taped and filled and the ceiling was finished with a single coat of finishing skim.

The floor was subjected to a 1.5kN/m2 load for the duration of the test. The exposed face was coated with one coat of Unibond Sealer mixed 50/50 with water followed by, one coat of Harcros standard white emulsion paint, a single coat of Product S105/SPC applied at 4m2/litre and a finishing coat of Harcros white emulsion paint


Aqueous emulsion coating containing inert fillers, extenders and fire retardant additives.


Colour: Off White Drying Times @ 20°C

Touch: Approximately 45 minutes

Hard:  Approximately 90 minutes

Overcoat: Approximately 90 minutes

Shelf-Life: 12 months in unopened containers

Thinners/Clean-Up: Water

Theoretical Coverage: Maximum 8m2/litre per coat (2 coats required)


Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and in good condition. Any existing paintwork should be in good condition and well adhered to the substrate. Paintwork in poor condition should be cleaned back to a sound line and ideally removed completely. Limewash, wallpaper and Artex should be completely removed. Damaged plasterboard should be removed and replaced and any cracks repaired with a suitable intumescent filler or intumescent cement (contact ACS for details). Boards should be well fixed to studwork, joists and noggins with no hammer holes. Remove frayed edging with a sharp knife. Skim coats should be allowed to dry thoroughly before application.


On porous surfaces, apply an initial coat of Product S105/SPC/S Acrylic Surface Sealer to reduce porosity and increase adhesion. Apply by brush, roller or spray at a rate not exceeding 12m2/litre and allow to dry for approximately 2 hours.   This product is applied in two coats. Stir the contents of the container well prior to and periodically during application to ensure no settlement takes place. Apply the first coat by brush, medium knap roller or spray (see separate specification), at the rate specified in the technical notes that accompany any specification, but in no case at more than 8m2/litre per coat. Damp brushes and rollers, lay-off early and always work to a wet edge. Do not attempt to brush out the product once it has started to dry. Once the initial coat has dried (after approximately 90 minutes), apply the second at the same rate as the first. Once the system has completely dried, apply S42/AEC Acrylic Topcoat or a good quality waterborne decorative paint to finish. ‘Trade’ quality emulsion paints are not suitable for this application.


Do not apply to damp surfaces or in unheated property if there is a likelihood of frost or surface condensation. Provide good levels of ventilation during application and drying. We advise that you seek approval from your Building Control officer before commencing any work involving the use of intumescent coatings.


1.0lt, 2.5lt & 5.0lt HDPE paintainers. Other pack sizes available subject to minimum order quantities.

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