ACS S84/IP Intumescent Paper For Lath And Plaster

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  • ACS S84/IP Intumescent Paper For Lath And Plaster

Intumescent for lath & plaster

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A ceramic-filled intumescent paper/sheet for increasing the fire resistance of lath and plaster ceilings and walls, where intumescent coatings cannot be used.



Upgrading lath and plaster ceilings and walls. Especially useful where limited room height will not allow double boarding or where the aesthetic qualities of the existing ceiling mouldings need to be retained.




Tested on a 3.25m x 4.2m load-bearing floor/lath and plaster ceiling construction, in accordance with BS476: Part 21: 1987. The ceiling was sealed with 1 coat of Product S93/AS Acrylic Sealer, followed by a single sheet of Product S84/IP Intumescent Paper fixed into position with S84/CAN Ceramic Intumescent Adhesive, applied at a rate of 3m2/litre. Each run of S84/IP was overlapped with the adjacent sheet by 15mm. The whole surface was finished with 3 coats of emulsion paint.


Integrity: 59 minutes 40 seconds

Load support: In excess of 60 minutes



Colour: White/Speckled

Thickness: 2mm

Width: 1220mm (allow for 1000mm after trimming)

Length: To customer requirements



Lath and plaster should be in good condition with the plaster well adhered to the laths and the laths fully nailed to the joists. There should be no sagging or hollow spots.

Remove all existing paper, distemper, limewash and Artex and seal the surface with one coat of Product S93/AS applied at a rate of approximately 12m2/litre. Other coatings should be tested for adhesion; coatings in poor condition should be completely removed or cleaned back to a sound, firm line. Fill cracks and holes with Product S63/CF Intumescent cement Filler and allow to dry.

Ceilings in poor condition should be protected with Product S53/UF60 Underfloor Fire Barrier and not S84/IP.



We recommend that two people undertake the application of this system. Once the surface has been carefully repaired, one person should apply the S84/CAN adhesive with a standard or cocks comb spreader, at a rate not exceeding 3m2/litre, preferably in one or two linear metre runs (1). The second person should follow behind, offering-up the sheet and pressing firmly into position (white side against the ceiling – speckled side showing) (2). After each run or drop, using a decorator’s paper roller, squeeze out any air bubbles and flatten the surface. Each run or drop should overlap the adjacent sheet by at least 15-20mm. Trim edges with a sharp knife and straight edge. Apply extra adhesive under trimmed, butted edges to ensure a firm fix (3).

Decorative elements such as moulding, bosses, cornices and coving may be protected with Product S105/SPC Smooth Intumescent Coating For Plasterboard.



Prior to re-decoration, fill any gaps and joints at the wall/ceiling edge with Product S58/IAM Intumescent Acrylic Mastic.


Allow the whole surface to dry thoroughly before applying a decorative coating. We recommend the use of good quality acrylic coatings as ‘trade’ or ‘contract’ coatings exhibit poor adhesion. Suitable coatings are available if required.

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