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Class B-s1,d0 fire retardant impregnant for thermally modified wood.


Waterborne, non-toxic, solvent free, harmless for humans,animals and environment.

Suitable for ThemoWood and other types of thermally modified timber.

Not suitable for surfaces previously treated with film-forming coatings (lacquers, paints, oils).

The product is formulated for both industrial and DIY use.

Surfaces treated with Ultra-TW do not require post-processing with other coatings.

Critical engineering properties i.e. strength, durability, hygroscopicity and corrosivity are not compromised.

Assumed service life is at least 30 years in internal and up to 10 years in external conditions.


Properties: Ultra-TW provides the highest possible fire retardancy for wood (EuroClass B-s1,d0, corresponds directly to Class 0 in the British Standard 476).

Emission classification: The product does not contain formaldehyde, halogenated compounds, carcinogenic or toxic substances.

Fire performance class: EuroClass B-s1,d0 (consumption 300-330 g/m²)

Actual consumption depends on the method of application and conditions, as well as the shape and absorption properties of the applied substrate.

Resistance to fire in normal conditions persists at least 30 years in internal use and up to 10 years in external use.

Fire retardancy forms in 5-7 days after processing.

Application methods: Ultra-TW is suited for both industrial (coating machine, pressure treatment in autoclave) and manual (with a brush, spray, immersion) application


Conditions of use: Treated substrate must be cleaned and free of dust, dirt and loose particles.

Ensure the following conditions during the application and drying:

Product temperature +15…+40° C

Air temperature +15…+40° C

Relative humidity 40…70 %

Wood humidity 14…18 %

Application: Ultra-TW can be applied in various ways:

- Apply by brush, deep-pile roller or spray. Apply an initial coat to the entire surface and allow to dry for approximately 1 hour. Follow with further coats allowing approximately 1 hour between applications, to achieve the final loading of 300-330ml/m2 (3.0-3.3m2/litre). Adsorption rates and drying times will vary according to timber type, density and drying conditions. If treating decorative joinery, apply to an inconspicuous area first to check for shade change and grain raise

- In coating machines.

Once opened, ensure that the containers are re-closed firmly. If the container had been subject to repeated openings, check the suitability of the material for the intended purpose.

Drying time: Drying time is 48 h at +20° C and average humidity of 40...70%.

Actual drying time depends on the temperature, humidity, type of wood, surface layer thickness and room ventilation.

On thin veneers or surfaces of low porosity, excess product may remain on the surface. If excess product is noticed, remove with a damp cloth within 15-20 minutes after application and allow to dry thoroughly.

Substrates treated with Ultra-TW can be dried in kiln or infrared dryer.

Post-processing: Ultra-TW does not require subsequent processing with filmforming coatings (paints, lacquers etc). In case of mechanical damage of treated surface it is mandatory to carry out on-spot repairs with Ultra-TW.

If the treated boards are sawn or cut the bared wood surface must be treated with Ultra-TW.

Cleaning of equipment: Water

Storage: Store at temperature between 5°- 30° C.

VOC: Very low. (meets or exceeds Gold or A+)

Multipro Systems Ultra TW

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