ACS S92/FR Fire retardant Paint

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  • ACS S92/FR Fire retardant Paint

Fire retardant for timber

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Due to the nature of the product we do not offer returns on the fire retardants please be aware of this before purchasing.

A clear or white, waterborne fire retardant for timber and timber related products to BS476: Part 6: 1989 and BS476: Part 7: 1987 to UK Building Regulations Class 0&1. The product is non-hygroscopic and is suitable for both interior and exterior application, when used in association with the correct protective lacquer. The product has also been tested in accordance with EN13501 Parts EN13823: 2002 (SBI) and EN11925-2: 2002:

Ignitability Test on both particleboard and MDF, achieving a rating of B/S1/d0.


To protect timber and timber related materials such as, softwood, hardwood, hardboard, chipboard, plywood, MDF (both fire rated and non-fire rated), bamboo and melamine faced boards. When used in conjunction with the correct protective topcoat, the product can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including, floors, furniture, decorative panelling, fascias, decking, soffitt board and cladding (both interior and exterior). Also capable of protecting previously decorated surfaces (may require the use of a primer).


An aqueous dispersion of vinyl acrylic copolymers with fire retardant additives


Colour: White or Clear (The clear version is opaque in the wet state but dries clear)

Drying Times @ 20°C

Touch: 20 minutes – 1 hour

Hard: 1 – 2 hours

Overcoat: 2+ hours

Shelf-Life: 12 months in unopened containers

Thinners/Clean-up: Water

Theoretical Coverage: Generally 2 coats each at 10m2/litre per coat for Class 1 & 0

(Check any specification prior to application)

Specific Gravity: 1.0 – 1.2g/ml (clear)

1.45 – 1.6g/ml (white)


Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free of oil, grease, wax and organic growth, such as mosses, lichens, fungi and moulds. Remove any nibs, bark or splinters, make good any defects and fill knotholes with a suitable intumescent stopping (not Brummer) or timber plugs. Glossy surfaces of prepared timber should be lightly abraded with a fine grit Aluminium Oxide paper (+120 grit) or wire wool and swept clean or vacuumed.

Oak and resinous timbers, such as Western Red Cedar, will require an initial application of Product S42/AP Waterborne Adhesion Primer.


All existing decorative coatings should be in sound condition and well adhered to the substrate. Coatings in poor condition and those showing signs of cracking or flaking should be completely removed and cleaned back to a firm sound line. New waterborne stains should be applied in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and then left for a minimum of 5 days to fully cure. Once dry the stain should be washed with a mild detergent solution to remove residual oils or waxes, rinsed clear with clean water and allowed to dry. New and existing decorative coatings will require an initial application of S42/AP Adhesion Primer.

In the case of exterior applications, surfaces should be protected from rain, fog, frost, snow and surface condensation during preparation, application and drying.


Stir the contents of the container well, before and periodically during application to avoid settlement.

Apply by brush, medium knap roller or spray (see separate specification). Do not exceed the coverage rates stated on any specification supplied. Always work to a wet edge and never attempt to brush out the product once it has started to dry. On bare timber, thin the first coat with a little water to aid penetration. However coating rates should be adjusted to ensure the loadings specified are achieved (i.e. a coat applied at 10m2/litre, when thinned by 10% with water should be applied at 9m2/litre).

A protective topcoat will be required for all interior and exterior applications.

S92/FR is a waterborne coating and will require good levels of natural ventilation to dry properly. With the clear version, if the first coat remains opaque, apply gentle heat to the surface and increase the ventilation. The first coat must be completely dry and clear before applying the second. We recommend the protective topcoat is applied once the second coat of FR has dried.


Do not apply to surfaces that are below 10°C, less than 2°C above the dewpoint or if the relative humidity exceeds 80%. Note the information on exterior application above.

 5.0lt  Other pack sizes available please call for prices.


 ALL our fire retardants have been tested to achieve Class 0 and Class 1 in accordance to BS 476 Part 6 (1989) and 7 (1987) as well as EN 13501-1:2002.

S92 FR Technical Data Sheet

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