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EU approved for interior timbers 

This is a professional / trade product. You will need to call us to order on 01935 414012 or email for more information.

ACS Boron Rods are fused glass-like, exceptionally concentrated, wood preservatives manufactured from inorganic borates. They have been developed to provide the maximum level of preservative (boric acid equivalents) available in the rod form. This provides a highly effective method for preventing fungal decay in both heartwood and sapwood of new and in-service timbers.

Timber in service is at a decay risk from wood rotting fungi when its moisture content regularly exceeds about 25%. In many cases the risk of decay is localised as the wood only becomes wet in certain places. This means the entire timber component is unnecessarily replaced, often at substantial cost even though the decay has been limited to where the wood was wet.

ACS Boron Rods are placed strategically in wood where it is at risk from becoming wet. They dissolve in the water in wet wood to release the preservative, which is then distributed within the wood by water movements. As water provides the primary condition for wood decay the ACS Boron Rods provide an exceptional and effective moisture controlled preservative system, which is located precisely where it is required.

Typical areas of use

Door Frames
Window Frames
Wall Plates
Joist Ends


• Excellent preservative for the control of wood – rotting fungi

• Super concentrated preservative rod – long term protection

• Cost effective, clean and easy to handle

• Precise location and targeting of preservative in areas of high decay risk

• Odourless (no vapour pressure) Non flammable

• Treatment for new and in service timbers

• No staining, wastage or spillage wood Preservative spreading from boron rod in wet zone

Boron Rods are a professional use only product please call 01935 414012 for advice and trade prices.

Directions for use

1. Holes of selected length and diameter should be drilled in areas of the component that are considered at risk for water ingress and therefore subsequent fungal attack.

2. The number and configuration of the hole will depend on the type and use of timber.

3. Ensure the holes are always 10mm short of the full depth of the vulnerable timber and never drill through the back of the timber.

4. Ensure the holes are clean and free of debris.

4. Insert the rod and push to the bottom of the hole to leave an adequate head space above the rod.

5. The holes should be capped with wooden dowels, plastic plugs or approved fillers.

Product Information

Appearance: Clear cylindrical fused glass rod.

Typical Chemical Analysis : Boric oxide 87.4% w/w Disodium tetraborate 9.81% w/w

Preservative Power: 1g ACS Boron Rod is equivalent to 1.69g Boric acid equivalents. (The toxicity of boron compounds to insects and fungi depend on the boron content, which is normally expressed in terms of equivalent amounts of boric acid).

Health and Safety

The product is approved under the EU Biocides Products Directive – Authorisation Number

UK-2013-0796. Refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before using the product.

Boron Rods Technical Data Sheet

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