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A professional dry rot , woodworm, deathwatch beetle, algae and mould killer

This is a professional use only product please call us on 01935 414012 or email to order this product.

ACS Boracol 10 is a clear solution containing Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate (DOT) and Benzalkonium chloride for use a surface biocide and wood preservative.

Boracol is a registered trademark. Boracol 10 is a patented product in the United Kingdom.


The main uses of Boracol 10 are:-

1. As a surface biocide to eradicate and inhibit organic growth (algae, mould, mosses and lichen).

2. As a wood preservative treatment against woodworm (Anobium punctatum) and other wood boring insects.

3. As a wood preservative treatment against wood rotting fungi.


Special features

Multi-use preservative with wide spectrum of activity

• Low VOC (Volatile Organic Content)

• Practically odourless and non-staining

• Non Flammable

• Equally effective on masonry and timber




1. Remove any thick layers of organic growth with a suitable brush or scraper.

2. Apply Boracol 10 under dry conditions using a coarse spray to saturate the surface.

3. Allow to dry thoroughly and apply a second coat if required.

4. Apply to refusal as coverage will be governed by the porosity and type of substrate i.e. wood, brickwork, concrete.

5. Boracol 10 is suitable for application on roofs, walls timbers, paths and patios.



1. Clean all wooden surfaces using a brush or vacuum cleaner.

2. Cover electrical installations, water tanks, stored goods and isolate adjacent areas not requiring treatment.

3. Lift floorboards as required and clean out debris.

4. Treat all accessible areas with the working solution of Boracol 10 using brush or coarse spray.

5. Under normal circumstances one coat will be sufficient but ensure that all accessible wood surfaces are thoroughly wetted out. Any surface that absorb the Boracol 10 rapidly should be sprayed again at the time.

6. Apply a second coat after one to eight hours where there is severe fungal attack or the presence of House Longhorn beetle (Hylotropes bajulus).


Brush 1 litre to 4 – 8m2

Coarse Spray 1 litre to 4 – 6m2


5L and 25L HPDE containers


The product is registered under the HSE COPR 1986 Regulations for use as directed (HSE No: 4911). Refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the product. Keep away from children.

For all technical and safety data sheets please see the downloads section at bottom of page.

Boracol 10 Safety Data Sheet
Boracol 10 Technical Data Sheet

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