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Looking for an alternative deck treatment? Choose Boracol, an alternative treatment to non-slip deck paint. If you are wanting to achieve a natural-looking silver teak deck, Boracol is the perfect product for you a decking treatment with no varnishes, oils and deck paint.

Boracol: Wood Preservative Treatment

BORACOL teak deck treatment is a fantastic product for cleaning and restoring your yachts teak decks. A simple easy application will see your slippery mould/algae-covered, slippery surface restored to its former glory of a smooth silvery finish with just one application! With Boracol you’ll not only be preventing future build-up but also eliminating the problems that come from it on wet surfaces like fibreglass or boat covers. 

Boracol 5RH

If you are using Boracol on a yachts teak deck or for other algae/mould treatments then we recommend Boracol 5RH. Boracol 5Rh contains the same amount of algicide as the 10, the difference is the level of Boron. The 5% Boron difference is so slight there is very little difference between how the products work. Boracol 5Rh is not half strength for treating algae.

Boracol 10RH

Boracol 10 is what Hallberg Rassy originally recommended for teak decks. This was before the laws were changed by the EU. We developed Boracol 5Rh so the general user could continue using this amazing product. Boracol 10 was now only available for trade/ commercial use. We have trailed the 5Rh and it is also a fantastic product for treating teak decks and algae growth on most surfaces. Under Biocidal Product Regulations we can only supply Boracol 10 to commercial and professional users. This means we can supply 10 to builders, damp proofing contractors, yacht maintenance and relevant commercial companies. Please contact us for trade orders 01935 414012 or

How Do I Apply Boracol?

When it comes to the application of Boracol it's best to carry this out on a dry day. We recommend washing the deck with clean water prior as the surface moisture can help the Boracol work its way into the pores of your lumber. You want the Boracol to fully dry on the day of treatment. If it rains during or straight after the application the product will be washed away from your wood. It doesn't matter if it's just drizzling on a day that follows. And while there may not be an immediate positive result, you'll notice the green algae disappearing after 2-3 days and your deck will continue to improve over the next few weeks.

Boracol can be applied in 5 easy steps;

First, wash it down and let the area dry for just about an hour so that all dirt or coatings can be removed from the flooring's surface. Next, apply one layer of Boracol by brush, roller or spray until there is visible wetness on top but not running off into other areas. Allow this first layer to dry out until just damp. Apply another single-layer covering with Boracol until refusal (those spots where you cannot see any liquid surfaces). For best results use 4 - 6 sq meters per litre.

Boracol Teak Deck Treatment

Boracol Teak Deck Treatment is the best solution for wood treatment on superyachts. Not only does it keep mould at bay, Boracol removes all impurities from your decking to give you a clean surface that will last forever! Boracol is a truly safe and environmentally friendly way to treat your wood. Easy, convenient and great-looking results are guaranteed! In addition to the above, Boracol can also be used for the following;

1. As a surface biocide to eradicate and inhibit organic growth such as algae, mould and lichen on softwood decking, patios, fences and many substrates.

2. As a wood preservative, wood treatment against woodworm and other wood-boring insects.

3. As a wood preservative, wood treatment against wood-rotting fungi

Buy Boracol Online from Advanced Chemical Specialties

We are proud suppliers of Boracol in the UK, with over 50 years of experience our company has formed an extensive amount of strong partnerships with both individuals and companies to expand our level of service and create innovative solutions that meet the requirements of the client. At Advanced Chemical Specialities we have a vast amount of knowledge on our Boracol treatments and our expert team can guide our customers from start to finish, ensuring that they are left satisfied and have received the perfect solution that suits their needs. When you need Boracols to protect your boat or yacht deck, Advanced Chemical Specialities has a variety of solutions to help you move forward. Please take the time to browse through the Boracol deck treatment we have available to find the best treatment to suit your needs.

Important information
We now have a distributor in the Asian Pacific region. Drake Marine International will be supplying Boracol. For all enquires please email For Northern Ireland please contact Bosun Bob's Chandlery, 7 Quay Street, Bangor 02891 229532 Sorry to say we are no longer shipping Boracol into Europe

ACS Boracol 10 ( Call to order )
ACS Boracol 10 ( Call to order )

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ACS Boracol 5Rh Teak deck treatment.
Boracol : Kills algae, moulds, woodworm and wet rotsBORACOL is a fantastic product for cleaning and ..
Boracol Application Kit
Boracol Application Kit

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Boracol Brush
Boracol Brush

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