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A single-pack advanced waterborne, condensation control coating based on acrylated vinyl acetate, with natural earth minerals and non-toxic pigments.



Anticon is suitable for commercial, industrial and domestic use for reducing the incidence of condensation on ceilings and walls. Anticon works in two ways; initially providing an insulating layer to keep the surface temperature above the dewpoint, delaying the onset of surface condensation. Secondly, at times of high humidity by adsorbing atmospheric moisture, reducing droplet formation and releasing the trapped moisture as vapour when the relative humidity drops.

Anticon find applications in hospitals, schools, farms, breweries, offices, factories and domestic property, in kitchens, shower rooms, animal-rearing sheds and other areas where condensation is a problem or causes spoilage.

Anticon contains an in-can biocide to protect the applied film from fungal growth.









Specific Gravity:                                                               1.15-1.20g/ml

Volume Solids:                                                                  30%

Coverage:                                                                         4-6m2/litre per coat (2-3 coats are recommended)

Drying Times @ 20°C

Touch:                                                                              1 hour

Hard:                                                                                2-3 hours

Re-Coat:                                                                          2-3 hours

Full cure – return to service:                                               24-hours (depending on conditions)    

Thinners/Clean up:                                                            Water



Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free of oil, grease and wax. Fill all holes with a suitable filler or decorators caulk and rub down to a fine finish. Any existing coatings should be in good condition and well adhered to the surface. Rub down and loose or flaking paintwork back to a sound, firm line. Remove any loose wallpaper.

Glossy surfaces or oil based finishes: should be lightly abraded with aluminium oxide paper, washed with a mild detergent solution, rinsed with clean water and allowed to dry. Alternatively, clean the surface with sugar soap solution and apply one coat of ACS Universal Acrylic Antistain Primer.

Ferrous metals: should be corrosion free or cleaned to a minimum of SA 2.5. Apply one coat of Alkyphos Zinc Phosphate Primer and allow to dry thoroughly. Inspect for signs of flash rusting prior to application of Anticon. If corrosion is evident, rub down and apply a second coat of Alkyphos Primer.

Porous masonry and new plaster: should be allowed to dry thoroughly. Apply one coat of ACS Acrylic Surface Sealer and allow to dry. This should also be used on un-painted Artex or similar textured finishes.

Treat any existing mould with ACS Mould Wash Concentrate, diluted with water and allow to dry.



Do not thin. Apply by brush, roller or spray (for spray application contact the Technical Department at ACS for equipment specifications and application details).

Stir or shake the contents well, before use. Dampen brush or roller with a little water, load well, apply liberally and lay-off early. Do not overspread and avoid coating surfaces that are partly dry. Always work to a wet edge. Re-coating is recommended after 2-3 hours, although this time can be reduced in good drying conditions to 1 or 2 hours.

Apply 2 or 3 coats at 4-6m2/litre per coat, allowing sufficient time for the initial coat to dry before applying the subsequent ones. Subsequent coats will appear to dry more quickly due to the adsorbent effect of the previous coats. In areas of very high humidity, further applications may be required.

Anticon will require periods of low humidity to allow any trapped water to evaporate from the coating, especially in areas of constant or very high humidity.                                                 



Store in dry, frost-free conditions. Ensure strict stock rotation is observed.



Allow good ventilation in the working area to aid drying. Do not apply if the RH exceeds 85% or if the surface is less than 3°C above the dewpoint. Do not apply directly to ferrous metals. Not normally recommended for exterior use.

Anticon must be allowed to dry thoroughly before the area is returned to service. Therefore we recommend that showers etc are not used for a minimum of 24 hours after application.

Anticon is a relatively hard coating and may be used on walls provided they are not subjected to wear or frequent washing. Some dirt pick-up may be noticed which can be removed by gentle wiping with a damp cloth. However surfaces subject to a high degree of soiling may retain dirt.

If used on walls, Anticon may be over-painted with ACS Antimould Emulsion to provide a more dirt and wear resistant finish, However this will degrade the ability of the coating to adsorb moisture, although it will still provide some of its thermal insulation qualities.

Any person proposing to use this product should make arrangements to assess the suitability for application prior to commencing work. Samples can be arranged if required.


There are basic measures property owners can take, which will help keep mould and condensation to a minimum. 

Provide good levels of natural or mechanical ventilation in susceptible areas such as bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens.

Improve internal or external wall insulation.
On solid walls, consider the use of masonry water repellents to reduce water uptake and the subsequent drop in thermal insulation caused when walls are wet.
Vent tumble driers to the outside air and, when possible, do not dry clothes over radiators. Put lids on saucepans and close doors on rooms where large amounts of condensation are created.


2.5litre and 5.0litre HDPE Paint container (other sizes available subject to minimum order restrictions)


This information is given in good faith and is based on the best of current knowledge through use and experience. However all recommendations are given without warranty or guarantee as conditions of use lie outside our control. Customers are advised that all technical information is under constant review and changes may occur without notice

For all technical and safety data sheets please see the downloads section at bottom of page.

Anti Con 15 Technical Data Sheet
Anti Con15 Safety Data Sheet

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