ACS Mega Pack

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All the tools and anti mould paint for the job



1 X 5 Litres of ACS Anti-mould emulsion ( choice of colours )

1 x Mould wash concentrate 250ml

1 x 5 Litre mixing bottle for the mould wash

1 x Sponge

1 x Safety goggles

3 pairs of disposable gloves

1 x Twin sleeve 9" roller tray set

1 x 4" Mini roller set

1 x Excel pus 3" Paint brush

This pack contains everything you need to treat mould then re-decorate. First dilute the Mould Wash Concentrate with water using the 5 litre mixing bottle. One Mould Wash Concentrate 250ml will mix up to 5 litres of wash. Wash and clean the mould from the surface using the sponge,gloves and goggles allow the surface to dry. Using the Anti-mould paint, roller sets and brush time to re-decorate.

You will receive all application data and instructions for both the Mould Wash Concentrate and the Anti-mould paint.

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