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Dual purpose mould and bacteria protection

ACS Antimould Antibacterial Emulsion is a premium quality, waterborne, low odour coating, guaranteed to protect against unsightly and unhygienic condensation moulds and potentially pathogenic bacterial growth on walls and ceilings in domestic and commercial premises. The unsurpassed performance of ACS Antimould Antibacterial Emulsion is achieved by combining modern paint technology with highly advanced, proven biocides to provide a protection system that is ‘locked’ into the whole of the paint. ACS Antimould and Antibacterial Emulsion is formulated to impart toughness, elasticity and resistance to moisture with durability in a high quality decorative coating.

The coating, when completely dry, is fully washable and resistant to the effects of condensation. Suitable for use in homes, schools, hospitals, offices, commercial and industrial environments

• Guaranteed to give protection against black mould for 5 years

• Approved as a biocidal paint under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986

• Simple to use and cost effective

The use of ACS Antimould and Antibacterial Emulsion is no more difficult than standard re-decoration procedures


1. Remove any loose or flaking material such as failing paint or wallpaper. Make good any cracks or defects with good quality filler.

2. Wash the surface with ACS Mould Wash Concentrate diluted with clean tap water. Areas of heavy infection may require a second application. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly

3. On bare masonry such as plaster, apply 1 coat of ACS Acrylic Surface Sealer at a rate of approximately 10m2/litre and allow to dry. On heavily stained areas or old oil-based paints, such as eggshell and gloss, apply 1 coat of ACS Universal Acrylic Primer at approximately 10m2/litre and allow to dry.

4. Metal surfaces may require an initial coat of Alkyphos Zinc Phosphate Primer followed by ACS Universal Acrylic Primer.


1. Stir thoroughly before use.

2. Apply two coats of ACS Antimould and Antibacterial Emulsion by brush or roller at approximately 10m2/litre per coat, allowing sufficient time for the initial coat to dry before applying the second.
In areas of heavy infection, such as cellars, apply a third coat. A minimum of two coats are required to achieve the correct loading of biocide.

3. Clean equipment with water.

10m2/litre per coat – Two coats are required

Drying Time:
Touch Dry; 1-2 hours
Re-Coat: 2-4 hours
(Drying times may vary according to temperature, humidity and levels of ventilation.

Thin up to 10% with clean water. Wash equipment with clan water

White and Magnolia as standard with 12 pastel shades

Store above 5°C in dry conditions. Keep from freezing. Keep container tightly closed out of reach of children.

Pack sizes:
2.5litre and 5.0litre

In excess of 12 months if stored and handled correctly

Surface Cleaning:
Clean ACS Antimould Antibacterial Emulsion with warm soapy water or diluted ACS Mould Wash Concentrate.

Aggressive chemical cleaners are not recommended, such as sodium hypochlorite solution.

ACS Antimould Antibacterial Emulsion will help landlords and owners of tenanted properties to comply with Section 82 (Statutory Nuisance) Chapter 43 of The Environmental Protection Act 1990. Either alone or as part of an overall strategy to prevent condensation, mould and bacterial growth.

This product is effective against E. coli 0157, Salmonella sp., Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes, Shigella sp. and most other bacteria, and is designed as a support to, but not a substitute for, a regular cleaning and hygiene regime.

ACS Antimould Antibacterial Emulsion should not be covered with any other paint or wallpaper

Full technical support is available by calling the numbers below or mailing the info address.

The product is approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 for use as directed (HSE No. 6308). In use the product is very similar to conventional high quality emulsion paint; refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before using the product.

Information given is in good faith based on experience and usage, however all recommendations are made without warranty or guarantee, since the conditions of use are beyond our control. All goods are sold in accordance with our Conditions of Sale, copies of which are available on request. Customers are advised that products, techniques and codes of practice are under constant review and changes occur without notice; please ensure you have the latest updated information.

For all technical and safety data sheets please see the downloads section at bottom of page.

Anti Mould Anti Bacteria Technical Data Sheet

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