ACS Mould Wash Concentrate

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  • ACS Mould Wash Concentrate

Antifungal wash

A concentrated biocidal cleaner for use to clean areas contaminated with mould growth prior to the application of ACS products like our ACS Antimould emulsion.

250ml of Mould wash concentrate will mix up to 5 litres of ready to use wash, which will treat an area of 30-40 sq m

 We recommend using this product for a complete mould erradication treatment.

1. Prepare surfaces by removing non-washable and loose material, e.g. flaking
paint, grease, dirt, mould or wallpaper.

2. Make good any surface defects and rub down to a smooth finish.


1. Dilute 1 part ACS Mould Wash Concentrate with 19 parts water.

2. Wash down the prepared area with the diluted ACS Mould Wash Concentrate
using a sponge, scrubbing brush or cloth.

3. Allow to dry thoroughly. Apply second wash in badly soiled areas and allow
to dry.

4. Prime any bare areas of plaster and woodwork with ACS Antimould
Emulsion, thinned up to 10% with water if necessary. On stained or glossy
surfaces use ACS Universal Antistain Primer.

5. Apply the appropriate ACS Antimould or Anticondensation coating.

Product Information
Drying Time: 1- 4 hours normally.

Practical Coverage: 10 - 12m²/litre when diluted depending on the porosity and
roughness of the surface.

Application: By sponge, cloth or brush.

There are basic measures to assist in the control of condensation and the black
mould. The ACS Antimould and Condensation Control products complement these
basic controls and will prevent these problems occurring for many years.
These methods are particularly helpful in the domestic environment but can be
applied equally to most commercial premises.
It is always important to reduce the risk of condensation by observing the following
simple recommendations:-

• Ensure rooms are always warm and properly ventilated, maintaining some
low heating throughout the day if possible.

• When cooking, washing, bathing or drying clothes, keep the door closed
and the window open - this prevents warm moist air moving to colder areas
of the building.

• In cold weather keep some heating on all the time.

• If a paraffin or flue less gas heater is used ensure a window is open a little
(every litre of paraffin produces about 1 litre of water).

• Improve internal/external wall insulation.

• Use ventilation systems where appropriate.

Health and Safety
Refer to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for each product. This product is approved for
use as directed under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986. HSE No. 7676.

Mould Wash Concentrate Technical Data Sheet
Mould Wash Concentrate Safety Data Sheet

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