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ACS Dry Rot Paint is a specially formulated preservative emulsion coating for control of fungal growth and infection such as Dry rot (Serpula lacrymans) on brickwork, masonry, render and timber. This paint is not a treatment for the eradication of Dry Rot but can be used to protect timbers in proximity to a fungal outbreak or those used in reinstatement after an outbreak. It is a particularly useful treatment for coating the backs of joinery (skirtings/architraves) and concealed parts of window and door framework.

ACS Dry Rot Paint is a high quality water based coating containing just over 1.0% w/w 3-Iodo-2-Propynyl-N-Butyl Carbamate. It has been designed as a highly visible surface biocide and as a sterilising treatment against Dry rot and other decay fungi.


The main uses of ACS Dry Rot Paint are readily identified as:-


1. A surface biocide and preventative treatment against decay fungi on mineral and timber substrates.

2. A fungicidal coating for joist ends, apertures of windows and doors an exposed brickwork between floors.

3. A biocidal barrier under plaster and render.

4. A toxic barrier on the backs of joinery and concealed linings of door and window frames.



                                               SPECIAL FEATURES

·      Low mammalian toxicity 

·      Low VOC ( Volatile Organic Content ) and quick drying

·      Highly visible preservative emulsion with treatment readily identified

·      Practically odourless

·      Non flammable

·      Equally effective on masonry and timber



Directions for use


1.   Use a stiff brush to thoroughly clean all wall areas to at least 300 mm past the last identified extent of the fungal outbreak removing any surface growth or strands.

2.    Further prepare the surfaces by removing all dirt, loose and flaking material.

3.    Pay particular attention to minimise dust levels. Remove ALL dust and debris from site in accordance with good practice.

4.    Ensure surfaces to be treated are free of efflorescence. Efflorescence can be removed using ACS Salts Neutraliser (see product TDS).

5.   Thoroughly stir the ACS Dry Rot Paint before use.

6.  Sterilize all exposed wall areas by applying two liberal coats of ACS Dry Rot Paint using a brush or roller, working well into all cracks, joints and defects.

7.  Apply two coats to provide maximum protection with the second coat applied when first coat is touch dry. Allow to dry.

8.   Apply one liberal coat to prepared (smooth) timber and allow to dry.

     Apply two liberal coats to rough sawn (porous/rough) timber with the second coat when first coat is touch dry. Allow to dry.

9.   Clean equipment and any spillages with water. Protect from frost and do not use  below 5oC.



2-8 square metres/litre depending on type and condition of substrate.

Available in 2.5 and 5.0  litre containers.


Health and Safety


The product is registered under the HSE COPR 1986 Regulations for use as directed (HSE No. 6310). Refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the product. Keep away from children.

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