Timber Waterproofing

Timber Waterproofing

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Our timber waterproofing system is very different from normal woodstains and coatings. ACS Hydrobar Woodbead is a waterbased penetrating sealer for timber. Water penetration causes the most damage to your exterior timber whether it be fences , fence posts , sheds and decking. Once water has got into the wood this can allow wet rots and timber decay fungi to grow which will ultimately shortens the life of the wood. Leading to costly damage and replacements.

ACS Woodbead soaks into the timber leaving an invisible barrier that stops water penetrating into the wood. You actually get a visible beading effect so you can see the product working. 

The benefits of Woodbead are:

The product contains no harmful biocides.

Laboratory tests showed reduced water uptake even after 4000hrs QUV testing and field trials gave a beading effect on fence panels after 17 years.

Long lasting protecting from weathering. Our own test have shown Woodbead helps preserve the timbers natural colour.

It is ready to use straight from the bottle.

Drys in 2-3 hours and starts to really protect your timber after 24 hours.

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