Let's talk about water proofing

Let's talk about water proofing

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Let talk about water proofing


Here in the UK we know a thing or two about bad weather. We get a lot of rain which is great for the plants but not for your home and structures.

Here at ACS we have two great products in the Hydrobar range to help protect your property from water damage.



This is a ready to use masonry water repellent. It's very easy to use as it can be sprayed with a garden type sprayer. The MWR400 is a clever product it will stop the water from being able to penetrate into the masonry but still allow the wall to breathe.

This is because to product lines the pores in the masonry just enough to stop water particles, but it does not seal the surface, so air can still pass through.

One of the biggest problems you will see with buildings especially red brick is something called Frost Spalling. This is where the bricks absorb water then as the temperature drops and the water in the brick turns to ice and expands. The process will then crack the surface of the brick and in some cases the entire face of the brick will crack and fall away.

MWR400 will also help to stop penetrating damp. It will allow your masonry to dry out naturally over time.


For technical information and prices please follow this link MWR400



This is our latest product in the Hydrobar range. Woodbead is a timber water proofer. The product works in a similar way to the MWR400 by lining the pores just enough to stop water saturating the wood but not enough to stop the wood breathing.

The benefits of using this product on fences, sheds, summerhouses or any timber on your property are that as not water can get into the wood timber decay is reduced.

For a belt and braces approach we recommend our ACS TimberTreat as a pre-treatment to stop decay fungi before it starts.

Not only that, you will get far less chance of green algae growing on the surface. As the water will run off, and the surface will dry out faster the algae will struggle to grow. Algae needs nice damp timber to be able to grow.


ACS Woodbead is also very easy to use. It comes ready to use and is simply brushed or sprayed onto the surface of the timber.


For technical information and prices please follow this link.  ACS WOODBEAD

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