Black Mould and Anti Mould Paints

Black Mould and Anti Mould Paints

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Here at ACS we have been making antimould paints and products for over 20 years. All our antimould products are approved by the HSE ( Health and Safety Executive ) which means we have to prove to them that what we put into our paints will actually stop and kill mould. Our paints are very different from your everyday bathroom paints that you can buy from the big DIY stores. Our paints are proven to work!!!!

A big problem in homes that causes mould to grow is condensation. Water vapour in the air condenses onto cold surfaces like the  wall in your unheated spare room. This water then allows mould spores in grow into unslightly black moulds.

While leaving some windows open or fitting extraction fans can help alot with mould growth sometimes this isn't possible so this is where our paints really come into play.  We combine the latest biocide technology and a tried and tested paint formula to give your home the best protection from black mould. Our paint system once applied correctely will give you years of mould protection.

It's so easy to treat a mould problem with our system. First we have a product called Mould Wash Concentrate . This is a product that you dilute with water to clean the wall prior to decorating. It contains a biocide that will help clean the mould away and kill all the mould spores that are on the surface. Once the surface has dried then simply decorate with our proven Anti Mould Emulsion Paint. Apply two coats and that's it. You must no over paint the Anti Mould Paint as you will lose the protected dry film.

We also sell a variety of kits Anti Mould Kits

If you have questions about our products or general mould related problems please contact us at or call us on 01935 414012 and we will be happy to help.


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